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Taking Apart your Mutoscope is easy!

Every mutoscope comes with a free empty cartridge for you to add another animation. Simply download the template below and follow these simple steps to install them in your mutoscope.


Begin by placing your animation frames in the template provided. Make sure the frames are aligned with the top of the template and in the correct order.

Print your frames on a stiff card, we recommend 200-250gsm photo paper.

Carefully cut your printed frames into individual cards. Each frame should have the animation at the top and a blank space at the bottom which contains the frame number. This is the part inserted into the spool.

Follow these simple steps to take your mutoscope apart. Begin by removing the handle and axle.

remove the side that had the handle on. This is press fit into a groove in the main body of the mutoscope and should be easily removeable. The other side will be glued in place.


Take your empty spool and place the frames in one at a time, making sure they are seated properly.


We find it easiest to place the spool on a flat surface, start at 3 0clock with the animation facing you.

Then move round clockwise ensuring the animation is facing the same direction, until you have all 42 cards inserted.

Now place a blob of superglue around the cards to ensure they are held in place. Once dry, turn the spool over and place superglue around the other side.

And you're done! Simply re-asseble your mutopscope and enjoy your animation.

If you run into any problems feel free to contact us on instagram or email

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